Muzi Li Rowe

The intersection of technology, personal history and consumerism is the predominant theme in Muzi Li Rowe’s work. Rowe builds cameras from optics taken from defunct devices and makes photographs via analogue methods such as wet plate collodion and slide film. To her a camera is simultaneously a tool, subject matter and material. Rowe collects vintage devices and obsolete technologies - the memento mori of a digital age. Handmade projectors, Kodak carousel projectors and magic lanterns are some of the vehicles for her imagery-based installations.

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Rowe has lived in between Beijing, Sydney and Hawaii before residing in Northern California. Rowe received her MFA from University of California Davis in 2017. She is a resident artist at The Verge Center for the Arts and a member at Axis Gallery. Rowe works as a freelance photographer specializing in artwork documentation under the name Eighteen Percent Labs

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